Long Clan Tag Generator

Enter Desired Long Clan Tag:

{*0} = White Text
{*1} = Red Text
{*2} = Yellow Text
#N = New Line
â„¢ = ™
{tri} = Triangle
{Circ} = Circle
{X} = Cross
{sq} = Square
{dUP} = D-pad Up
{dRight} = D-pad Right
{dDown} = D-pad Down
{dLeft} = D-pad Left
{Select} = SELECT
{Start} = START
{L1} = Left Trigger
{R1} = Right Trigger
{Stick} = Analog Stick

NitePR Format Code:

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Game View:

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How to SHOW Long Clan Tag

1) Load game and open nitePR.
2) Highlight "FTB2 MEME Imposter" code with the square button to make it blue in your cheat menu.
3) Close nitePR, but don't activate codes with music button yet.
4) Go DIRECTLY online to make a new clan.
5) Go directly to Clan Tag keyboard, and press music button.
6) Long Clan Tag should now be displayed.
7) Press Triangle button to enter the text for new Clan Tag.
8) Press the note button once again to turn OFF your codes.
9) Fill in the rest of the info for your clan and you're done!

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